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FIBREFILL MANUFACTURING INC was incorporated in the year 1989. Since its founding, the company has grown to become one of the leading nonwoven and bedding manufacturers. These products are widely used in the country as padding, toy stuffing, pillows, furniture, automotive carpets, and other novelty products. 

FMI has become one of the major pillow and linen suppliers for both local and international hotel brands, as well as major hospital needs.

“FMI has grown to become one of the major suppliers for both local and international hotel brands.”

FMI has five nonwoven lines and pillow & linen production situated in the 1.3-hectare land solely owned by its founders. The financially sound company is managed by top incorporators with variable and wide expertise in different industries. Its service is meticulously maintained to provide customers with quick response time and personal attention.

It is all about customer satisfaction. Putting our products together to fulfill each customer’s needs is our primary concern.



We aim to be a reliable and secure choice for a supplier and business partner.


Our goal is to uplift employees’ welfare and ensure continuous growth.


We must be a trustworthy affiliate of our community and of the Philippines as well.



We continuously work to be the number one manufacturer of non-woven products and bedding in the Philippines with focus on unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction,sound financial management, and outstanding quality through constant innovation and research development.

Company Capacity

CARPET (In linear meters) 1.1 Million
POLYFILL (In linear meters) 2.2 Million
STUFFING MATERIAL (In metric tons) 2.5 Million